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Bathtubs Spotlight


Striking and polished, set the stage with bathtubs of distinction.

At the core of our collection is enduring design and groudbreaking materials.

Every Crosswater London bathtub is engineered for long-lasting beauty and exceptional performance. From classic to modern, Crosswater London bathtubs anchor the bathroom in brilliance and style.

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Defining space, form, and function in dramatic lines and organic shapes.


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Clean, classic, comfort. Bridging old-world elegance with contemporary styling.


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Crisp lines, gentle curves, gracious details. A fresh attitude with a sense of history.


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The main component of DUROCOAT material is genuine dolomitic marble, a metamorphic rock of natural transformation estimated to be over 500 million years old.

Consisting of 96% calcium magnesium carbonate, a natural mineral, the powder is produced by disintegrating and purifying the marble to create this groundbreaking material.

With its unique technological properties, DUROCOAT demonstrates a 35% increase in durability over comparable materials.

The unique physical properties of DUROCOAT ensure great reliability in manufacturing complex shapes. This is evident in the crisp details of the Waldorf bathtub.




ClearStone is a milled sedimentary compound with molded polyester polymer coating. The coating is molded onto the bath surface (not painted), thus ensuring long lasting performance both in appearance, color stability, and resistance to scratching or cracking.

Each ClearStone tub is hand-polished for over ten hours. ClearStone material has a lustrous finish across modern and classic designs.

The composition of ClearStone creates a tough and hardwearing compound ideally suited to modern demands for exceptional performance and endurance.

Being a molded coating, ClearStone high-gloss bathtubs have the highest resistance to accidental damage or thermal degradation.