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KWC BEVO E Stainless Steel Kitchen Lever Mixer with Pull-out Spray A225

$1420.00 MSRP (USD)


  • Stainless
  • Brushed Gold
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime. Commercial Warranty: 1 year


Premium stainless steel kitchen faucets with high standards in terms of hygiene and safety.

  • The KWC BEVO E has a fascinatingly sleek silhouette and beautiful transitions and is made of hygienic stainless steel. Its prominent design element is its characteristically asymmetrical spout. The double-skin construction ensures extra safety in the spray head models. The structure helps prevent burns. However hot the water is, the KWC BEVO E remains cool on the outside.

Perfectly hygienic

  • The KWC BEVO E's laminar stream is strikingly quiet because it doesn’t draw in ambient air. This ensures better hygiene and convenience in the kitchen. The recyclable stainless steel also makes the KWC BEVO E particularly sustainable.

High level of safety

  • The spray head models of the KWC BEVO E feature TouchProtect, a double skin construction. The spray head stays cool on the outside, which significantly reduces the risk of burns.

Two types of streams

  • SoftSpray is suitable for gently washing fruit and vegetables. With the strong and quiet laminar stream, pots can be filled quickly, and washing up is practically spray-free.

Popular design

  • The beautiful KWC BEVO E is based on classic design elements. In industrial black, it’s a real eye-catcher and the perfect fit for modern washbasins.

Ample space for washing and working

  • Thanks to OptimalSpace, the KWC BEVO E ensures plenty of space for washing, filling, and working in the kitchen.
Lever positionLever installation only possible on the right side
Child safetyCold water flow in lever position towards the front. TouchProtect anti-scald protection thanks to the “double skin”principle.
Spout reach9" plus up to 23" pull-out length
Spout swivelHose guide, swivelling 150°
Flow rate1.75 GPM
IAPMOIn Progress
Massachusetts Code ApprovalIn Progress

Product Specification
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